The Rochdale Coconut Dance for Brass Band

The origins of Morris Dance is dark and mysterious, none more so than the Britannia Coconut Dancers. Formed as the Tunstead Mill Nutters in 1857, they passed on their tradition to workers at the Britannia Mill in the 1920s. The music for the dance probably doesn't date back to the Afro-Brazilian "Dança do Coco" or the French “Danse des Coco” but it is an infectious little tune given a slightly Ska undertone in this arrangement. If you want to know more about the Nutters, look them up on Wiki Click on the YouTube video below to hear the whole arrangement.

Park life

Brass bands can often suffer with attendance on Park jobs.

The idea behind the Park Life series is to create a set of light music arrangements that can be played by half the band if necessary.

They are also designed not to be too hard on the lips for the cornet players.

All this makes them playable by youth and training bands as well making them a natural extension to the Easiband series.


  • Print your own downloads keep the price to a minimum
  • Optional 2 page short score for “print your own” versions
  • Playable - clear layout and geography
  • Easy on the solo cornets - stamina
  • Lots of cues - playable by bands with empty chairs
  • Simplified rhythms on support parts
  • Percussion all on one part

The Park Life Series offers entertaining and effective musical content without putting pressure on players, making arrangements playable by top section and youth section bands alike.

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